Frequently Asked Questions

Overview of how to order vegetables- 
1) We will send out an email each week that lists what vegetables we have available to purchase.
2) You can respond to this weekly email with a list of items you want and how much of each item you would like ($10 Minimum).
3) Sunday’s 2-4pm is our usual time for farm pick up. You must order with us in advance.
4) Orders are filled on a first come, first served system.
5) If you have questions, please email us or text.
6) Orders are picked up at our farm, 1404 Gonzales Rd. SW 87105

Q- Where do you grow your food? A: Our produce comes from our farm in Albuquerque, NM (ABQ). Our main fields are at our home on the corner of Sunset/Gonzales SW. We supplement our production from a couple of small fields outside of the farm (garlic, lavender, and fruit). All food sold by Whole Heart Farm comes from ABQ and was grown and cared for by our farm.

Q- Are you organic? A- We grow with organic principles at the bare minimum. In general, we would say most of our crops are to a higher standard than USDA organic. To be clear, we do not pay for official Organic Certification but are a insecticide, fungicide, and herbicide free farm.

Q-Where can I buy your food? A- Depending on the time of year, we sell at the Downtown Growers Market and/or directly from the farm (sign up for our weekly produce list). We sell some bulk produce to other retailers/restaurants, as well.

Q-  Why are your prices so much more than the grocery store? A- This is a complicated and slightly loaded question. We keep our prices competitive with Certified Organic products in big name grocery stores. Why? Because when you buy our produce, you can ask questions about how we grow our food. You get a product that you can talk to the person who grew it. You spend your money and support a business in Albuquerque, instead of a farm elsewhere out of state. You have more variety than the grocery store. You purchase fresher food from us (we usually pick within 1-3 days before selling). By purchasing vegetables and fruit locally, you make the decision to support folks that are committed to upholding an ancient tradition of growing food with small scale tools and regenerative methods.

Q- Do you take EBT, WIC, Double Up Food Bucks? A- Yes, but only at the Downtown Growers market April-November

Q- Do you accept credit/debit cards? A- Yes, we just ask that you meet our $5 minimum.

Q- Can I come see the farm? A- Yes, by appointment. We usually combine a quick farm walk with a produce pick-up. Contact us via email!

Q- How big is your farm? A- We have about 1/2 an acre of vegetable production on a little over an acre urban lot.

Q- I have food sensitivities, can I eat your food? A- We are not qualified to answer this question. We do not spray with any insecticides and use natural fertilizer and/or compost on our beds. All of our seeds are NON-gmo. We use hybrids and heirloom seed depending on the specific planting.

Q- Do you wash your produce? A- Yes, we usually wash most items at the farm in a washing area that mimics a commercially certified kitchen. However, we recommend all customers closely inspect their produce before eating and possibly wash again.

Q- How long have you been farming? A- Josh has been playing in the dirt since 2014. Whole Heart Farm has existed since late 2017.